Amistad is seeking Captains for the 2019 season

Start date March 4, 2019

Amistad will be conducting day sails on Long Island Sound with school groups, public sails and dockside events through June 30. Our summer programs are pending.

The ships captain will be responsible for the daily safe operation of the vessel, maintenance and regulation compliance. The captain will work closely with and report to the administrative/port captain to manage the ship and crew to provide a safe and efficient platform for the Discovering Amistad education program.

The captain will oversee and manage crew safety and sail training,

Amistad requires an experienced tall ship captain with excellent vessel handling and management skills. While Amistad is not a captains first command there will be a period where training is provided.

Amistad requires a minimum USCG 100gt license w/ sail endorsement and FCC operator permit.

Discovering Amistad welcomes all qualified applicants. Employment is based on skill and merit. Amistad is a diverse, tolerant and kind workspace.

A detailed job description is available upon request

Pay is very competitive.

DISCOVERING AMISTAD is a nonprofit educational organization that provides full-year programming on its tall ship, the Amistad, in classrooms and at historic sites of partner organizations. It enables children and adults in Connecticut and the region to discover the story of the Amistad and its impact on Connecticut and the nation. Importantly, the organization provides learning opportunities for children and adults to discover the relevance of the Amistad to today's world.

Send resumes and references and inquiry to: