Summer Educator

Discovering Amistad has an immediate opening for a summer educator for our Summer Voyages Program through Aug. 19

Please refer to the web page for Summer Voyages here.

Description: The position is lead supervisor and mentor to a group of 12 students participating in each voyage on the Amistad. She or he will work with the director of summer programs, with the ship’s captain and crew and with visiting educators to design, schedule and implement planned activities and curricula, accompany students on their shore visits, and help maintain a successful educational community on board ship.

The summer educator will live on board and share sleeping quarters and meals with students and crew during each of three 2-week voyages. Voyages are scheduled from June 25-July 8, July 16-29, and August 6-19. She or he will also receive room and board during inter-voyage periods (on board ship) and a weekly stipend. Along with the crew, the summer educator will have some time off between sessions and during each voyage as determined by the needs of the program.

- Work with director of the summer program to complete program design and scheduling. Assume a leadership role during student discussions and lead group activities. Assist in reviewing student applications and selecting participants.
- Be a point of contact for students who are planning to participate in the program and with their families prior to each voyage, as needed during the voyage, and following up with families afterwards.
- Work with ship’s captain and the director of summer programs to assign and coordinate watch duties and other student responsibilities while underway.
- Be a point of contact for visiting educators and onshore colleges and other points of visitation for students. Accompany and oversee students’ onshore visits.
- Work with captain and crew to lead “on-boarding” of students for each voyage, describing responsibilities and logistics associated with community life on board ship, including maintaining sleeping quarters, food preparation, safety, and general rules of conduct. Set the tone for a convivial and courteous community of students and adults.
- Perform other duties to ensure success of the summer program.

Qualifications: Experience (two or more years preferred) working with high school students, which could include in school, in a high school enrichment program, and/or in outdoor camping or adventure programs for high school-aged youth. Strong leadership and communication skills are essential, along the ability to navigate relationships with other staff and crew in close quarters. Educator familiarity with college admissions and financial aid application processes will be helpful for students exploring their educational futures. Interest in Discovering Amistad’s commitment to social and racial justice is highly desirable; social studies and history curricula experience relevant to our mission would be helpful, but is not required. Some experience with sailing or boating would also be useful.

Discovering Amistad is an Equal Opportunity Employer. For more information, and to apply for the summer educator position, contact