Amistad Abuzz with Activity

by Tom Bishop

Greetings from Discovering Amistad's Ship Committee!
Here is our first update on the state's flagship as we prepare Amistad to serve Connecticut's communities in the months to come.

With activity on and below deck, and on the ship's hull and spars, Amistad is a hub of activity!

Hauling the Amistad

Hauling the Amistad

The ship was hauled out of the water at Mystic Seaport's shipyard for work over the winter. We're happy to say that the talented staff attending to the ship includes workers who built Amistad 16 years ago.

Under Discovering Amistad's new leadership, surveys and Coast Guard inspections have been undertaken. The ship's solid construction of durable woods has left her structurally sound, and now areas of deferred maintenance are being addressed.

Time, wind and the seas have taken a toll on her original sails. We are having a new mainsail and jib built, as the current ones are unserviceable.

With around 5800 hours of use, the ship's twin diesel engines have been removed and sent to HO Penn in Farmington, the company that originally installed them, to assess the scope of work they need.

Onboard systems also are being looked at for whatever maintenance, repair or replacement is needed.

As work continues, we will update you and also call out for volunteers as we move on to sanding, painting and varnishing in the spring.
Stay tuned - more to come!